At the core of all decentralized applications and services of the Unigate platform lies the Unigate Token (UGT). It is the utility token that is used to pay validators when they process inbound and outbound bridging or routing, it is used for farming, staking, and many other functions further described in this documentation.

The Unigate Token was sold in a combination of Seed, Private, and Public sale (described in the Distribution and Vesting) for varying prices. The proceeds of the Unigate Token sale was set aside to fund the development and marketing of the protocol and its platform for the years to come.


  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 UGT

  • Release Price: $0.6 USD

  • Tokens Sold: 13,000,000 UGT

Unigate Token (UGT) Sale

A total of 12,000,000 UGT (12% of the total supply) were sold during the various stages of the token sale at varying price. Find the pricing schedule below:


Public Sale



Private Sale



Seed Sale



A variety of industry leaders and renowned venture capitals took part in Unigate's token sale. A complete list of partners and stakeholders will be made available in a separate section. The team enforced a high standard for entry in the private sale, only allowing institutional investors whose resources and support would benefit the Unigate Project in the long term.

The Public Sale was conducted through Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDO) through multiple platforms.

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