Frequently Asked Questions

Tokens and coin pairs supported by Unigate

What coins and tokens will be supported by UNIGATE in the short term?

UNIGATE will initially support the most known cryptocurrencies best used for transactions and payments. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many of the stablecoins on the major blockchain networks.

What coins and tokens will be supported by UNIGATE eventually?

This is to be decided by a team vote for each pair.

Can UNIGATE support ERC-20 tokens?

Yes. Unigate will support all ERC20’s and similar standards across chains.

Why not list tokens and coins quickly?

Each new blockchain will be audited by UNILABS before being eligible for listing on the exchange. Another reason to move more slowly is that it is essential that sufficient liquidity be available to support each pair. This will require a discussion with each blockchain community, exchanges, or other parties.

Can I list my company’s token on Unigate?

Please contact UNIGATE to discuss this. Listing decisions are made by voting using the Governance mechanism. When making a proposal, please include these details:

  • Name

  • ERC20 contract address if appropriate

  • desired UNIGATE product to list on

  • the source chain and the target chain

Here is an example:

  • Name: LINK(ChainLink)

  • ERC20 Address: 0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca

  • UNIGATE Product: Router

  • From Chain: Ethereum

  • To Chain: Binance Smart Chain

Project Info: The content of the proposal will be supported by the Cross-Chain Bridge after technical evaluation and voting.

Who is currently providing liquidity for UNIGATE?

Ordinary liquidity providers, as well as UNILABS nd Cherry Labs. Further liquidity will be provided by other entities in due course.

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