Buer is an experienced software engineer. MSci of neuroscience, he found his calling in software development and blockchain. He joined the cryptocurrency field in 2011. He became a core developer of DASH where he contributed to the first implementation of the masternode, the original on-chain governance system. He contributed to PIVX, a privacy cryptocurrency renowned for zPIV, a privacy protocol based on zero knowledge proofs and bulletproofs. Buer researched cryptography and advanced the various iterations of zPIV. He cofounded Cherry in October 2020 alongside Herman. He is currently the CTO of Cherry Network and its incubator, Cherry Labs.

Herman has contributed to open source software such as the Tor Project from 2007. Involved in creation of Feathercoin, one of the first alternative cryptocurrencies (2013) and notable blockchain projects such as DASH and PIVX. In 2019 he cofounded Cherry Network and currently leads Cherry Labs, incubating the Cherry Ecosystem.

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