Use Case 1

ERC20 token base:

An example of our European client.


This company receives an average of 2,000 daily payments on our competitor's platform with USDT ERC-20 worth 50 USD, and every evening batches the payments received during the day to its company wallet.

Value being transacted:

2000 txns * $80 = $ 160,000 a day

Hence, In a month, $4,800,000

Our competitor applies

ETH fees to the customer for each withdrawal, apart from the 1% of the transaction value the customer pays, there is an additional network fee of average $19 per transaction

Transaction fee

In a day = $39,600

In a month = $1,188,000

Almost 1.2 million per month the customer currently pays only in ETH fees.


Only 1% of the transaction value

Transaction fee

In a day = $ 1,600 (Just 4% of the competitors!)

In a month = $48,000

As a result

The client’s expense on fees will reduce from $1,118,000 to approximately $48,000 per month. UNIGATE is saving the client $1,140,000 per month, and a few other millions per year in commissions.

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