Additional reasons that attract signup

a) Synthetic Token

b) A combination of DEX and Merchant


These services in the market are present but under different service providers, further, which are under different blockchains and worse, most are centralized. As a consequence, users have to migrate digital assets between these applications and spend differing fees for processing these migrations. In the end, inconvenience apart, these routine processing fees eventually eat a part of the earning. In the end, users are left to constantly research and perform trial-and-error to keep these expenses on a minimum.


UNIGATE, by bringing DEX, P2P and Merchant Services all under a platform - looks beyond simply being a processing d’app. It looks beyond just bringing interoperability of different services by bringing them on one d’app.

UNIGATE supports not just collecting and transferring finance but also the financial management required after processing these transactions - talk about a platform that attempts to give more custody and authority to users while delivering more information and services!

A basic user can start at a freemium into P2P and DEX, and evolve into a Retail Merchant on confidence.

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