Sustain loyalty of merchants

UNIGATE is not just for retail personal users and retail merchants, but it has a strong attraction point with institutions under whom the merchants are operating.


Institutions are looking for more ways to sustain business loyalty of their merchants who are mostly non-exclusive business partners, and keep their platform updated with every mechanism that supports their merchant’s sales volumes, alongwith the need to stay ahead of the times on facilities to avoid loyalty slippage from outdation.


Institutions can route Unigate as a payment gateway within their own software with a plug and play integration of the RESTful API/eCommerce plugins and launch - all in an hours capability. Giving an additional source of collection to Merchants gives opportunities to the merchant to attract new users in their locality to purchase with crypto, and this instills confidence for the merchant about the institution safeguarding success opportunities for their merchants.

Additionally, Institutions can consume UNIGATE’s services as a Merchant over payment collections in crypto, mass payments and invoicing in IPFS

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