UNIGATE will execute the investment through Seed Round, Private Sale and Public Sale (IDO).

You can track the progress of our investment phases on our homepage.

Source of revenue

UNIGATE aims for revenue through the transaction/service processing fees.

The gross revenue from the transaction processing fees will be shared between the communities performing yield farming, staking, liquidity pool; and UNIGATE in the following proportion:

  • Bridge Fees: 80% Bridge Bonding, 20% UNIGATE

  • Merchant Services: 40% Stakers, 60% UNIGATE

  • Hedge: 68% Liquidity Provider, 32% UNIGATE

  • Swap: 68% Liquidity Provider, 32% UNIGATE

The fee structure can be viewed in further detail here

Revenue Potential:

We will reach a minimum of 30 million volumes of Merchant Payment within three months from the launch thanks to the customers we have ready to use the product.

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