Executive Summary

World's first which brings crypto usage and merchant services under the DeFi protocol. Zero signup and KYC obligations, processes running end-to-end on DeFi protocols (smart contracts and IPFS), multichain technology which is our cutting-edge advantage - all these processing transactions faster in a fractional-than-usual processing cost.

Through UNIGATE, the highest degree of transparency, authority and privacy is upfront given to the user, fulfilling the ethos around which cryptocurrency itself was founded on

UNIGATE alone brings all the three, under one platform:

1) crypto transactions - buy, sell, swap,

2) crypto earning mechanisms - stake, pool, borrowing & lending, farming

3) merchant services - invoicing, QR based collections, mass payment. Invoicing runs on IPFS protocol.

Purpose of existence: UNIGATE had been conceptualized after an in-depth market analysis of the DEXs and merchants in the market. At a point, several of our customers enquired over an alternate solution to existing players giving inconvenience from KYC in signup process, compliance risk and their technology itself

Whom UNIGATE serves: UNIGATE cater to customers performing crypto transactions (buy and businesses (Institutional, Small & Medium Enterprises, Merchants/Retailers) who - both of which have the intent to transact with complete custody of their finance through DeFi and also manage their collections through different - all on a single platform while keeping lowest expense on processing fees.

Three companies worked together to create UNIGATE:

  1. Cherry Labs: The Cherry Network Accelerator, Layer 1 with a Founder and team members with over 8 years of experience in the crypto world (Dash, PIVX, Monero and others). Cherry is taking care of the development of the technology with 60 team members.

  2. VAI Marketing Management: This company specializes in Marketing and Management for the crypto-world, with more than 110 employees. They are focused on helping new projects in the fund raising, marketing, support, sales phase.

  3. PREMIAX: A European Group expert in payments, owners of Crypto and Exchange Licenses, PSP, Trust. Also, they take care of providing Fiat channels when customers want to switch from Crypto to Fiat.

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