Vision & Mission


To be one-stop platform for Merchant services for all their cryptocurrency transactional and investment requirements - and as a consequence; empowering the following:

1) Enriching business levels, customer base and earning capabilities of any business, anywhere

2) Transparent, smooth, easy and independant handling of one's own digital assets - whether a business or personal portfolio

3) Incorporating cryptocurrency into the daily lives of people - irrespective of economic and social factors that would otherwise limit their capability to adopt cryptocurrency - and in turn raising their living standards


To bring every possible financial facility that can be transacted through cryptocurrency on one platform, for businesses of all sizes and personal users - within an authentic infrastructure of Decentralized Finance; irrespective of the users’ location, business levels, socio-economic background and real-life limitations and lack of facilities that disqualifies them to present-day financial services; all this while ensuring simplicity of onboarding and usage.

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