Features adding further value towards the services

Pure Decentralization:

Being completely under DeFi protocol, from the first stage - there is no signup and KYC requirement to begin using the services. From the market making to trade/transaction processing to invoice generation to wallet custody - everything has been implemented on the decentralized protocol. Pure decentralized, no hybrid.

Multi-chain bridging:

Multi-chain bridge allows users to deploy digital asset transactions in multiple blockchains and therefore results in low operational difficulty, which also takes advantage of lower transfer fees on non-scalable blockchains. Without a multi-chain bridge, investors/traders would have to use different exchanges which results in high transaction fees or a potential loss of assets

Liquidity and Settlement:

Merchants currently operating in the fiat-based Point of Sales - whether through PoS machines (card swipe terminals) or payment gateways - tend to have a merchant fee in percent occasionally going in two-digit percent, and further the settlements to their bank accounts are usually T+1. It is rare to even receive settlement in the same evening of the business day. However, with merchant services of crypto assets through UNIGATE - the realization to wallet, and liquidation are near real-time.

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