Use-case with a European client

When a merchant receives USDT ERC-20

Processing Fees of merchant with our competitor - Via the CoinPayments gateway, there are three fees: Merchant Fees 1% + Risk Fees (from 0.25% to 2%) + Network Fees

Processing Fees with UNIGATE - 1% only

An example of our European client.

Currently: This company receives an average of 2,000 daily payments on CoinPayments with USDT ERC-20, and every evening batches the payments received during the day to its company wallet.

Competitor applies ETH fees to the customer for each withdrawal, besides the 1% the customer pays. It is an average of $15 per transaction = $30,000 daily of Fees ETH + 1% on the collection = each month the customer currently pays from $600,000 only in ETH fees.

Through UNIGATE, the client’s expense on fees will reduce from $600,000 to approximately $74,000 per month, saving approximately $536,000 per month, with $6.5 million per year in commissions.

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