Who does UNIGATE attract as customers

Users (including businesses) include, but not limited to these users who are:

1) Frequent transactors in P2P transfers, buy & sell, swaps, - who aspire to retain their profits as much as earnt, with bare minimum of it going into gas/processing fees

2) Users seeking additional source of income through staking, lending with a strong share of the revenue (80% of txn fees). Earning apart, users prefer to operate from the same platform of crypto earning to avoid manual wallet transfers and resulting processing/withdrawal fees.

3) Borrowing

4) Users who are serious about extent of control they possess on their data, and sensitive about data misuse for scrupulous marketing, and now want to utilize financial services with crypto with the FULL scope of the service flow being decentralised - where no element of the platform or activity gets centralised at all.

5) Users shifting their crypto assets frequently between different blockchains and troubled by the high withdrawal & deposit fees, and now require a single platform for interoperability

6) Businesses (Whether Institutional, Medium or Small Sized firms) who want to attract new customers by offering their online eCommerce sits/offline retail store products with crypto as payment with a plug-and-play solution

7) People who have shortcomings on KYC but require the crypto payments to sustain their daily livelihood for payments especially those in socio-economically challenged regions

People living in areas or ecosystems where crypto is present as modes of payment, and hence keep a financial planning and portfolio approach to their digital assets rather than meagre investment

8) Businesses that need to survive in geo-politically challenged regions where banking and financial services are not present, inconvenient or worse, geopolitically excluded

9) Businesses involved in high-risk sectors

10) Businesses that are already operating with crypto in whole or part as collections, but want to make the payment process integrated within their invoice generation and simplified by QR based quick payment

Now, we can dive deeper in detail about the problems that these user groups are currently facing with centralized platforms or even restrictions for some users on using the services over any platform at all - and how does UNIGATE deliver those services while resolving these problems:

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