Under scope of UNIGATE, a merchant includes any business entity (Agent, SME, Corporate) of any size who intends to deliver a good or service to a customer, in return for cryptocurrency from customer as payments.

UNIGATE's mission for Merchants

As UNIGATE, being a venture in the DeFi space to bring financial services with cryptocurrency under supreme privacy and fund control given without signup or KYC,

We want to empower the Merchants to not only realize their payment collections in crypto from every customer banked or unbanked - but also manage their crypto assets like their finance portfolio - pay others/ liquidate to fiat/invest to earn more.

Considering the above,

Merchants will be able to perform the following services specially created for them as a business user:

  • Invoicing

  • Mass Payouts

  • Plugins for commerce websites to function like a payment gateway

In addition, Merchants will be able to perform the following service as a personal user:

  • P2P Payments

  • Swap (DEX)

  • Staking

  • Yield Farming

  • Pool

  • Upcoming: Borrowing and Lending, NFT Marketplace, P2P Billboard Exchange, Play & Pay Card

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