Decentralized cross-chain payments and DeFi.
UNIGATE is a decentralized finance platform for merchants. Anyone can start accepting cryptocurrency across chains with ease with a simple integration. Once the tokens are deposited into their account, users can seamlessly access decentralized finance tools such as trading, farming, bridging, and routing across chains.
UNIGATE is a comprehensive tool essential to any business looking to accept cryptocurrency trustlessly, free from middlemen or stringent KYC/AML processes
Anyone can use it to request payments in any cryptocurrency and receive it in their UNIGATE account as a wrapped asset (wrapped-BTC).
Users can use these wrapped assets within the UNIGATE platform (stake, farm, trade)
Wrapped assets exists cross chain meaning they can be routed from any of the supported networks. For example if user holds wrapped-USDT on polygon, they can route it to wrapped-USDT on ethereum, for a fee.
Wrapped assets can be unwrapped for a fee.
Various DeFi attributes and functions to wrapped assets (fast or automatic conversion, pegging, hedging, leverage → lending).


There are many benefits to using UNIGATE. But what makes UNIGATE better than other existing solutions? Here are some of its most unique features:

Blockchain Agnostic

UNIGATE is looking to build a blockchain agnostic platform that works perfectly well with all the underlying blockchain technologies. What this essentially means is that the users can use UNIGATE in coalition with any blockchain network of their choice.
At present, users can choose between Ethereum (ERC 20), Binance Chain (BEP2), Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), Polygon, Solana, Fantom and Tron (TRP20) - as well as Ripple, Avalance, Tezos, and Terra.


Using UNIGATE will be completely transparent. Users will be able to see what goes on “under the hood” every time they interact with the protocol. Furthermore, UNIGATE's smart contracts and the code base is completely open source.